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A good sailor is always hyper aware of the strength of the wind and where it is coming from. The direction of the wind dictates where the sailing boat can go. The different directions of the wind is called points of sail and each of these points have a name. Your sailing efficiency and speed are dependent on your understanding of these zones.

In this blog post, we will cover what these point of sails are called and what it means for you. This knowledge is part of the five sailing essentials and a must know for every sailor.

Points of sail – Visualized

Get in the zone

No Go Zone – This is the area that you can’t sail in and your sails will flap in the wind. Go in this direction and your sailing boat will come to a fall stop. Use this zone to hoist your sails and come to a full stop.

Close Hauled – This is the closest to the wind that you can go and at a 45 | 315 degrees angle from the direction of the wind. Make sure that your sails are pulled in as much as possible.

Close Reach – This is further away from the wind and you should let your sails out a bit to maximize your sailing speed.

Beam Reach – This is the fastest sailing zone that you could go in and also the easiest point of sail. The wind comes directly to the side of your boat and you should let your sails halfway out.

Broad Reach – You will be heading further downwind so you have to let your sail out a bit more

Training Run – The wind is slightly on one side of your stern which make it a bit easier to steer than a dead run.

Run – This is when the wind is directly behind you the one of the trickiest point of sail that you could be in. Be careful of the boom as it could swing over to either side of the boat. You should let your sails out all the way.

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